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Interaction Design Programme (IDP) Application

Thank you for applying for the Interaction Design Programme! We look forward to reviewing your submission.
What do you need to prepare in order to complete this application form?

  • Familiarize yourself with the Admission Requirements.

  • Have your online portfolio ready (or a PDF), we will be asking for a link for it in the application (or you can upload it as a PDF).

  • Have an essay (approximately 750 words) about your interest in the programme (PDF) ready. We will ask you to upload it.

  • Have your CV / Résumé (PDF) ready. We will ask you to upload it.

  • Have official transcripts of all college or university work ready (PDF). We will ask you to upload it.

  • Get two people to write letters of recommendations for you. These letters should be sent directly from the author to by no later than the initial application deadline.

  • There is a non-refundable application fee of 150 Euros.

There are four (5) steps to the application form. The 5th step being to pay the application fee.

We will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis until the cohort is selected, which will be very soon. We encourage you to send in your application as soon as possible as the review/interview process takes a little time.

Application Fee

You'll go to a checkout page to enter credit card details for the 150 Euro application fee.

Thanks for applying! We'll review your application.

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