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As the natural ecology on which we depend shifts due to climate change, how do we adapt? How do we map and explore possible pathways for action in order to bridge the recent past, ongoing changes and projected futures?


What is this workshop?

Although carbon emissions continue to rise, global energy and consumption systems are in the midst of a transformation towards low carbon futures. But what happens in the meantime? How do we react to the climatic changes that we already see, changes which we expect to intensify in the coming decades: more frequent, intense weather events, prolonged droughts, rising sea levels and more dangerous heat waves? How do we address the indirect effects brought on by these changes, from changing disease vectors and shifting species habitats to human migration and relocation?

This workshop will explore these questions and help build an understanding of the trajectories, impacts and influences of climate change. Together we will reframe the risks into opportunities and imagine beautiful futures that we can fall in love with.


What will you learn?

  • How to understand and use climate data—both natural / physical data, and data on social / human behaviour.
  • How to understand and apply concepts of risk, vulnerability, and systems change.
  • How to develop ranges of concepts that are flexible to multiple adaptation scenarios and robust to uncertainty.
  • How to stay grounded when working within a complex, and at times distressing topic.


How will you learn it?

This week will be a mix of immersive experiences, lectures, and hands on activities. We will take a multidisciplinary approach, combining basic climate science, sociology, data science, design methods, and a bit of theatre and role playing. Expect full days, deep engagement in the field of climate adaptation, and a bit of personal reflection.


Is this for you?

Yes, if you work in an industry (ex: tourism, agriculture, healthcare, housing, planning, education) that will be disrupted by a hotter, more extreme climate and you want to identify resilient opportunities for your business or organization. Yes, if you work in climate adaptation and want to use creative methods for generating optimistic, possible futures. Yes, if you’re a student (or just curious!) and want to explore how climate change will affect your future.


What do you need to bring to the workshop?

  • Computer
  • Notebook

There is a maximum number of 20 places available for each workshop, first come first served. Enrolment will be closed when the workshops are full.

    € 1.200,00Price
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