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What is People-Centred Research?

From design, architecture and arts & culture, to policy-making, academia, or software development—a wide range of disciplines now recognise the benefit of learning from users and stakeholders in order to create more appropriate and effective solutions.

People-centered research provides the hands-on skills to help you understand people’s opinions, behaviours, expectations and goals for using a product or service, and how to apply these skills with empathy, honesty and pragmatism. During this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of the research process: crafting research questions, developing methods and tools, getting inspired by people’s contexts, motivations and barriers today, understanding their emerging needs and envisioning future users.

Take away the tools to guide the development of successful products and services: what do people need?’; how should we build it?’; is what we’ve built effective?

What will you learn?

  • Learn the fundamental tools, methods and outputs of people-centred design research
  • Develop a process framework for projects
  • Dive into field research techniques, team based analysis and storytelling of research learnings
  • Understand an approach for uncovering new design directions, not just validating them
  • Share, discuss, and challenge the opportunities people-centred research presents

How will you learn it?

We will explore a topic related to the Sustainable Development Goals over the course of the week. The workshop includes teaching sessions, hands-on activities, and discussions to answer questions and learn from each other. There will be opportunities to grow your individual skills, and also practice team-based activities such as synthesis.


Is this for you?

Yes, if you are curious and interested in understanding the users, customers and stakeholders you are designing for. The workshop usually attracts a diverse range of professions and industries. Together we explore how this research process translates into the different contexts.

What will you need for the workshop?

  • A high level of spoken and written English
  • Willingness to go out and speak to strangers
  • Enthusiasm to collaborate in pairs and small groups
  • Your computer, a notebook and pen
  • Knowledge of basic design and presentation tools is a plus
    € 1.200,00Price
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